There are many ways to visit Barcelona, but, a “coach tour” is the most relaxing & enjoyable way to do so for you and  all the family, also the most cost-effective if you are not already familiar with the city of Barcelona.

We pick you up close to where you are staying, in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach, with a travel assistant that will speak your language unless you are informed otherwise on your ticket reservation.

You will travel to Barcelona via the motorway with a short 10/15 minute stop for the use of the services.

During the journey, our travel assistant will give you some brief information on and about Barcelona and the sites to be visited.

When the coach arrives at each of the sites and attractions, the assistant will give you a time to be back on the coach and from then on you will be on your own to explore at your own leisure.

For all of our tour options we have prepaid entrance tickets that will be handed out to you on the coach. This will not only save, considerably, on the costs but also avoid queues.

Eating arrangements: We do provide a restaurant in Barcelona that offers a reasonable day/evening menu. You can contract this service on the day with your onboard travel assistant.

By choosing our coach tour you will avoid traffic, stress, parking fees, tolls, getting lost!!!

Make your choice, sit back and enjoy!